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Sky Diving in New Zealand

New Zealand

Welcome to the rush of skydiving. There is nothing like skydiving for sheer heart-stopping adrenalin and adventure and there is no place like New Zealand to do it. New Zealand's magnificent landscapes take on an extra dimension when you’re 12,000 feet in the air. Skydive in Lake Wanaka or Queenstown and you will look from the vastness of the Central Otago high country to the snow-capped mountains surrounding the jewel-like lakes. At the other end of the country, Lake Taupo has the largest commercial drop zone in the world and stunning views of volcanoes, forests and the lake itself. A Bay of Plenty skydive flight will take you over gleaming waters and geothermal wonders.

There are many skydiving operations throughout New Zealand and all offer tandem jumps. You’ll have experienced skydivers taking you-step-by-step through what to do on your jump and what to expect. If you’re a skydiver yourself don’t forget to bring your licence.

Queenstown is the birthplace of Tandem Skydiving in New Zealand, also known as the 'Adventure Capital of the World'. Queenstown in NZ's South Island is the premium place to 'Jump out of a perfectly good Aeroplane'!  The drop zone is located at the base of the famous Remarkables mountain range surrounded by a working sheep farm. Queenstown is known as the 'adventure capital of the world' – & for good reason. A skydive here is one of the most thrilling experiences you'll ever have. Picture this – you’re free-falling 4,000 metres above the snowy peaks of the Remarkables and Lake Wakatipu. Suddenly, your instructor deploys the parachute, and you get to slow down and soak in the breathtaking panorama laid out kilometres below you. A skydive is a truly quintessential Queenstown activity, and an unforgettable experience to have on a visit to New Zealand.

These extreme adventures all start in Queenstown, but take you high above the town for the most spectacular views and thrilling experiences. Queenstown skydiving operators are all fully qualified and have top safety records, so you can relax and enjoy the ride!. Start your Queenstown skydiving experience with a 20-minute drive from downtown to the drop zone, located at the base of the Remarkables mountain range. The location borders the shores of Lake Wakatipu and serves as an impressive scenic backdrop for your tandem skydive adventure. There’s hardly a better place to go skydiving in New Zealand! A professional jumpmaster provides a full safety briefing before you take the ultimate leap of faith into the sky. Don a provided jumpsuit and goggles in preparation for your Queenstown skydive, choosing to descend from 9,000, 12,000 or 15,000 feet (2,743, 3,658 or 4,572 meters) in elevation.Then, board the small plane and check out the razor-sharp peaks as the aircraft reaches optimum altitude. You’ll feel your adrenaline pumping as you free-fall for up to 65 seconds before your tandem instructor pulls the safety ripcord and you float effortlessly together through the air. Your bravery is rewarded with an achievement certificate upon landing.

Imagine the excitement of freefalling at a speed of 200+ km/hr with a spectacular and unique backdrop. After the freefall you will enjoy the serenity of a beautiful parachute ride and see stunning views in all directions. As soon as you are down, you will want to do it all over again! It takes a certain kind of person to jump from an aircraft at 15,000ft into thin air. It takes courage. Expect sensory overload as your mind, body and soul fight against every natural self-preserving urge. The challenge is immense. Harnessed by space age materials to an experienced qualified Jumpmaster, you step out of that aircraft door and for some 60 seconds you plummet toward the ground at 200 kph - terminal velocity!

Tandem Skydive in Queenstown in New Zealand's South Island and see some of the most dramatic scenery in NZ, from 15,000ft! After a 15 minute scenic flight to altitude, you will nudge towards the edge of the plane before being thrown out! Keep your head up, smile at your skydive photographer and take in the stunning surroundings. After an exhilarating freefall, you will experience a 5 minute parachute ride, floating safely back down to the skydive drop zone. Take home the most comprehensive skydive photo & video pack in New Zealand. Yours to take away on the day; relive and share your experience anytime. Take a look at some example customer photos and videos.

Embrace the excitement and soak in the views as you tandem skydive or go solo – a true heart-stopping adventure! You can skydive in various locations around New Zealand, including Wanaka, Queenstown, Lake Taupo, Auckland and Bay of Plenty.

Passionate Disoveries recommends diving into the best New Zealand scenery by doing an adrenalin pumping skydive in Queenstown. Go for it!

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