Our Passion

We firmly believe that not too many people think alike. Their likes vary right from their wardrobes to their selection of restaurants or even the way they spend their free time. If this is true, how would they like to see the same place in the same way? There are a thousand ways to experience the same destination.

You may just like to see only the most popular places or indulge in discovering a little deeper or mix some adrenaline with it. You may like staying in a popular hotel or just go a little adventurous living with the locals in an apartment, staying in their homes or opt the most serene way of camping in the nature.

You may like to stretch an extra mile traveling in a self-drive convertible or go super bike cruising on the local highways or just take a bicycle ride exploring the narrow nostalgic lanes.

We deliver the most passionate places to the passionate people in the most passionate ways!!

We Are Different

If not two people think alike, how can their travel styles be similar!

Our travel experts researched to find the varied travel styles and likes of different travellers. That’s how we innovated multiple styles of experiencing and discovering the same places in different ways. Check our trails to choose your style of travel.

Popular Trails

Travel the most popular places; explore the most popular sightseeing options and excursions, visit what no one would like to miss! That’s why we call them Popular Trails. These trips are perfect for those who like to see everything.

Accommodation Styles – Hotels, Apartments
Traveling Styles – Conducted, Self-Drive

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Discovery Trails

Experience the most passionate places in the most passionate way. Go an extra mile and discover beyond the most popular sightseeing options. We offer a lot of YOU DISCOVER options to indulge and explore your passion in the best possible ways!

Are you ready to get off the popular track and discover the local side of your passionate places?

Accommodation Styles – Hotels, Apartments, Home Stays
Traveling Styles – Conducted, Self-Drive

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Heart Beat Trails

If you are young by heart and would like to add some adrenaline thrill to your holiday apart from visiting the most popular places; this travel style is meant for you.

If you have the appetite to go Bungee Jumping or Parasailing or Hand Gliding or Sky Diving, we can offer you multiple YOU DISCOVER options to add thrill to your Popular or Discovery Trails!

Accommodation Styles – Hotels, Apartments, Home Stays, Hostels, Camps
Traveling Styles – Conducted, Self-Drive, Bikes, Bicycles

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Cruise Trails

Our Cruise Trails offer a range of entertainment activities for kids and adults giving you great value for money and an opportunity to explore some of the most exotic, romantic and adventurous places.

Accommodation Styles - Cruises
Traveling Styles - Conducted

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Wonder Trails

This is way beyond what you can dream and expect. In fact, these are some out of the world experiences packaged specially for those passionate travellers who like to unravel it like a true pro!

Accommodation Styles – Hotels, Resorts, Chalets
Traveling Styles - Conducted

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Accommodation Styles

No one offers so many ways to retire after a happening day.

While YOU DISCOVER options offer a wide range of discoveries in each city, we are equally versatile when it comes to a bed to rest. You can pick up hotels of your choice from thousands of options cutting across all budgets and categories or simply rent an apartment. Pick up from a range of home stays if you really want to explore the local way of living. And if you are travelling the backpacker style, check a range of hostels we can book for you.

Travel Styles

Hop on to a conducted sightseeing tour or book a private vehicle exclusively for you. Avail a hotel shuttle, a seat in coach transfer or let us arrange an assisted airport pick up for you. Explore the trails driving unlimited miles in a self-drive car or wear the biking gear to ride a super bike. We virtually make every travel style a reality.

Why Us?

5 Reasons to Travel with Passionate Discoveries

Unbeatable experiences

Pick your passion – your travel style

Your stay, your way – multiple stay options

Range of YOU DISCOVER options

Unmatched value

What Drives Us?

While you take passion in traveling new destinations, we are passionate about discovering new styles of traveling.

Why just hop a city when we are continuously discovering the best possible ways to explore.

Why just travel the regular ways when we can make your experiences unmatched. Our greatest ambition is to keep re-inventing the PASSIONATE DISCOVERIES and bring unparalleled ways to holiday!

  • We make every PASSION count


  • Experience travel UNPARALLELED

  • STYLES not invented before

  • UNLEASH your inner self

  • Make every EXPERIENCE count

What We Offer?

Relax you mind and let our travel specialist work to your passion! Say good bye to all hassles of working your passionate discoveries. Whether its searching the best suited night stays or the must see attractions, we look after you in the best way. Our discoveries offer:

  • Accommodation as per your choice

  • Transportation (transfers & sightseeing)

  • Local guides, entrances, restaurant bookings

  • Unmatchable experiences and a vast range of YOU DISCOVER options

  • Daily breakfast at most of the places

  • Facilitating visa processing

  • Arranging all ancillary services such as Insurance, Foreign Exchange, and Calling Cards etc.

You Discover

No one offers the unbeatable experiences & discoveries the way we do.

Pick and choose from thousands of free time options from a vast list of suggested attractions and sightseeing tours across every city.

When you travel with us, we let you explore your passion. If you are looking to discover your passion, pick from our hand-picked and highly recommended YOU DISCOVER OPTIONS.

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